About us:

Streamport is a live TV and VOD service, available through Streamark’s Streamport portal on iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android (smartphone and tablet), and on web browsers at www.streamark.tv.

Access to the Streamport Portal is free of charge, and includes independent streaming platforms, operated by third parties (Company Partners). 

Each of the independent streaming platforms has its own selling policy that can vary from free access, subscription/Pay-Per-View offerings, rental etc.

In over 14 years of research, development and design of multimedia platforms, Streamark has become a benchmark in the live streaming industry, by developing 100% proprietary platforms for Mobile TV / IPTV / Web TV, which were materialized in B2C and B2B services from Europe, Asia and USA.

How does the Streamport portal work?

To access any of the independent platforms included in the Streamport portal, you first have to access the Streamport portal start page. For each independent platform you will have to create an account using an e-mail address or you can log in using your Facebook or Google account.

Your Streamport account can be used on the Web platform www.streamark.tv using a browser installed on your PC (we recommend Google Chrome), and on Streamport’s native mobile apps for Android and iOS. Streamport also benefits from the StreamPass option, for a selected number of platforms.

What is StreamPass?

StreamPass program acts as a log-in general pass. An account created in one of the platforms that is StreamPass enrolled (sign-in procedures contain a clear marking of the StreamPass option) can be used for all other platforms available in the StreamPass program. No additional account creation needed. This applies to account creation/ log-in procedures only, and not to subscriptions/ payments. Each platform inside StreamPass program, aside from shared users database, continues to act independently.

Need more help regarding Streamport?

We offer 24/7 support. You can contact us at: streamport@streamark.com.

Technical questions:

Forgot password!
Please use the “Forgot password” button, displayed in the Log in menu. You will receive on your e-mail address a link which will help you reset your password. In case you don’t receive a link in 10 minutes, please check also the Spam folder.

On which devices, can I access Streamport?

On a PC with Windows or a Mac, using a browser (we recommend Google Chrome), on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) using the free Streamport apps available on iOS and Android and on Smart TV.

I’m using Internet Explorer, why can’t I access the www.streamark.tv website?

Our system isn’t optimized to work on Internet Explorer versions lower than 9.0. Please upgrade or use another browser. For better results, we recommend Google Chrome.

How fast does the internet connection has to be?

For an optimum functionality, a 3G/4G connection is required or at least 100kbit/s for a fix internet connection. Streamport will work on lower connections but the image quality will also be lower.

How long does it take until the video starts?

It depends on your internet connection. If you have the connection we recommended above, a video or a live stream should start in a few seconds.

Can I access Streamport on multiple devices?

Yes, you can access Streamport on as many devices as you want but, depending on the individual platforms specifications, you might not be able to watch a video or a live stream on two or more devices at the same time (only one active feed could be allowed). Conditions are specific to each independent platform offering.

The mobile app has connection problems?

Check if the internet connection is active. Streamport doesn’t work if the internet connection is not active and permanent, regardless if it’s Wi-Fi or 3G/4G.

Videos stop working when watching them?

Please check your internet connection. The wireless connection’s quality should be at least “Good” or “Excellent” or the 3G/4G signal should be close to “Full”. If possible, change your position by getting closer to the wireless router.

Catch-up/ ReRun (where available)

It’s a “gadget" that you can use for free, limited to availability. The main purpose is to be able to see reruns of your favorite TV content.